Chairperson of Student Exchange: He/She is a member of the executive committee of IPSF elected each year at the IPSF World Congress. The main duty of the Chairperson of Student Exchange is to facilitate the smooth running and organisation of the Student Exchange Programme and to chair the Student Exchange Committee.

Student Exchange Committee (SEC): The Chairperson of Student Exchange appoints the Student Exchange Committee, which consists of ten members. The main duty of SEC is to actively provide guidance and ensure the smooth and fair running of the Programme. Regional Student Exchange Officers (RSEO) of each regional office of IPSF are also members of SEC. Please click here to view the list of SEC members.

Student Exchange Officers (SEOs): The Student Exchange Officers represent their organisation that is a member of IPSF. The Student Exchange Officers are responsible for arranging host sites and accommodation for the incoming students and finding places for the outgoing students by contacting other SEOs. They are responsible for the entire process of SEP in their country. Please click here to view the list of SEOs.

Local Exchange Officers (LEOs): In some countries, where the national students’ association is formed by several local ones, the SEO shares the work with one or more Local Exchange Officers.


Who can participate in SEP?

  • Pharmacy students through an IPSF member association.
  • IPSF Individual Members only if they are unable to join an IPSF member association.

If you are a member of an IPSF member association, please contact the IPSF Student Exchange Officer (SEO) of your association for more information on the application procedure. Please visit the SEP database for contact details of your SEO.

The application process may involve pre-selection procedures. To participate in SEP, you have to pay an application fee of 42 EUR in addition to the SEP fee determined by your association. Of the 42 EUR, 24 EUR cover the administration costs and 18 EUR go to the host association or back to you in case you are not placed. The home association may ask for a larger amount (which   must be approved by the Chairperson of Student Exchange and the SEC) to cover the costs association with organization of these exchanges.

Individual members take up between 1-2% of available applications. The application deadline for Individual Members is determined by the Chairperson of Student Exchange and the SEC and is not the same deadline as those set for individual countries. After the deadline, a pre-selection procedure will take place and only the selected students can participate in the Student Exchange Programme. The selected students have to pay an application fee of 42 EUR before their applications will be approved. If there are questions about being an Individual Member, please contact

What to do if your country does not belong to IPSF?

Please contact the IPSF Chairperson of External Relations at to apply as an Individual Member or to determine ways of getting your association to join IPSF as a member association.

What if your country has only recently joined IPSF but is not a part of SEP yet?

Please contact the IPSF Chairperson of Student Exchange at for more information.

SEP Grant

The objective of the Student Exchange Grant is to allow pharmacy students with limited financial resources the opportunity to participate in the IPSF Student Exchange Programme. This is achieved by providing them with a travel subsidy to help cover costs incurred through the purchase of travel tickets to their host country of preference, while exempting them from payment of the student exchange application fee.

Both students applying through an IPSF member association and IPSF Individual Members can apply for the Grant.

All students may apply after their AF (application form) is approved in the database.

To obtain more information about how to apply for the SEP Grant, please visit the SEP database.

Alternatively, please contact the IPSF Development Fund Co-ordinator at or the IPSF Chairperson of Student Exchange at