EuRO Trainers Development Camp in Warsaw

The first IPSF EuRO Trainers Development Camp (TDC) was held by Polish Pharmaceutical Students’ Association from 26th-30th  of September in Warsaw, Poland.

Participation in this type of event provides an exciting opportunity for pharmacy students interested in acquiring and developing soft skills to become amazing IPSF trainers in the future. TDC aims to create a pool of active quality trainers at local and global IPSF events in all four corners of the world.

EuRO TDC had two IPSF trainers and one External Trainer leading the development workshops for 14 participants. The trainings were focused on leadership, team building and public speaking, but the most important topic was training designing. All training sessions were made in three days and on the 4th day participants provided their own trainings.

This event was not only about learning new skills. It was also a good time to get to know a lot about foreign culture and integrate with students from different countries. PPSA provided activities like sightseeing, bowling and treasure hunting game around Warsaw city centre.During the International Night the participants got an opportunity to share and in turn learn different cultures.

TDC was a special time. Besides gained skills, the participants also made friends with each other which created an atmosphere that gave them motivation to continue actively in all the trainings. At the end of TDC, all participants left loaded with positive energyand an intense feeling of the IPSF spirit!

Thank you all for spending this time with EuRO!

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