IPSF European Regional Symposium

The 1st European Regional Symposium

Warsaw, Poland 2019

The 1st European Regional Symposium is fast approaching and we cannot wait to host you from 10th July until 14th July, in Warsaw, Poland.

We are looking forward to four full days of brainstorming new ideas, gathering, sharing and making European future Pharmacists stronger together in Warsaw – the centre of Polish pharmacy industry and science research, full of inspiration and with rich cultural life!

The event will be hosted by the Polish Pharmaceutical Students’ Association. The Reception Committee is a team of 13 people who are dedicated to doing their best to ensure EuRS is a success and an unforgettable event!

The venue will be the Didactic Centre of Medical University of Warsaw, which is close to the hotel your you will be staying in , the city centre and one of the biggest parks called Pole Mokotowskie known as the perfect place to chill.

Besides the Regional Symposium, there will be time for CP and SEO meetings and opportunities to get to know Warsaw by day and by night, to taste the rich Polish culture and integrate with pharmacy students coming from all over Europe!

#EuRSisYours so we can’t imagine this event without you – creative and open-minded pharmacy students who care about the future of our profession.

All food, transportation, accommodation and social programme will be guaranteed by the fee:

– 1st phase (11th to 28th February): 180€

– 2nd phase (11th to 24th March): 200€

*fee without accommodation and transportation for the 1st and 2nd phase are 90€ and 100€ respectively

To find out more, visit our Facebook page and Instagram account.

Attending The 1st European Regional Symposium also comes with lots of events and opportunities to get to know one another better.


The 2nd European Regional Symposium


In case of any questions, please contact Chairperson of Regional Symposium: [email protected]