IPSF – European Regional Office

The European Regional Office (EuRO) is the youngest of IPSF Regional Offices (RO), established only in 2013, during the 59th IPSF World Congress in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At first, its Regional Working Group (RWG) was composed only of the Chairperson of EuRO, who is also a part of the IPSF Executive Committee.

In August 2014, EuRO held its 1st Regional Assembly during the 60th IPSF World Congress in Porto, Portugal. There, the RWG saw its expansion to include two new team members – the Regional Relations Officer (RRO) and the Regional Projects Officer (RPO). The main tasks of the RRO are establishing and maintaining internal and external contacts within the region in accordance with the general IPSF strategic plan, whereas the RPO ensures IPSF project from several IPSF portfolios are carried out efficiently and effectively. The RPO is also tasked with assisting member associations in organizing these projects.

It was soon discovered that to maintain a strong presence on social media and other channels, EuRO would also need a Regional Media and Publications Officer (RMPO), as is the practice in other ROs. Thus, the first call for the position was opened following the 2nd EuRO Regional Assembly in Hyderabad, India in August 2015. Before the implementation of the RMPO position in EuRO, these tasks were under the RRO, thus decreasing their available time for regional relations. Before this period, promotional materials had to be requested from the Chairperson of Media and Publications portfolio, which was less efficient than having a dedicated officer within the RWG itself.

Further attempts at expanding the RWG were made during the 3rd EuRO Regional Assembly in Harare, Zimbabwe in August 2016. The expansion of work in the 2015/2016 mandate, such as having the first Trainers Development Camp (TDC) in EuRO, regular meetings with EuRO Contact Persons and an interest to connect with regional partners, was crucial in supporting the implementation of a Secretary position in the RWG, to ensure official documentation was handled appropriately and that the Regional Office fully observes the Official Documents in its work. At this time, the Immediate Past Chairperson function was also officially recognized, having an advisory role to ensure the affairs of the previous mandate are picked up and continued on appropriately

For the mandate of 2017/2018, the RWG expanded yet again with the creation of various subcommittees under the guidance of the Regional Projects Officer, the Regional Relations Officer and the Regional Media and Publications Officer, in order to ensure the IPSF vision and mission with a better and stronger presence within the European region.