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IPSF EuRO engages in several projects within three focus areas which are Pharmacy Education, Professional Development and Public Health. For more information on specific category, please click on selected type of project below.

Public Heath

We pay great attention to Public Health Campaigns and they are usually organised and implemented in collaboration with other organizations and associations. As future health professionals, we students can also make an impact by bringing health education, disease prevention and health promotion to our communities. With this objective in mind, EuRO carries throughout the year many public health campaigns:

– World Patient Safety Day (17th of September)
– World Polio Day (24th of October)
– Movember (November)
– World Antimicrobial Resistance Week (November)
– World Diabetes Day (14th of November)
– World AIDS Day (1st of December)
– World Cancer Day (4th of February)
– World Tuberculosis Day (24th of March)
– World Immunization Week (April)
– Healthy Living Campaign (May)
– Anti-counterfeit Drugs Campaign
– Digital Health Campaign
– Medicines Shortages Campaign

Professional Development

IPSF and IPSF EuRO promote different projects during which you can develop skills that may not be part of your faculty’s curriculum but are essential to the professional world. Either it be a patient counselling event or a soft skills course, these projects are here to enhance your knowledge and professionalism in order to prepare you to drive the profession of pharmacy in the best possible way. 

Leaders in Training

The IPSF Leaders in Training program aims to impart the necessary leadership and management skills important for taking up professional roles in the future. The main objective of the LIT program is to equip participants with the skills needed to effectively take on roles of responsibility within the Federation as well as in their professional career. These include global roles in health issues, policy making and the pharmacy profession itself.

From the point of a sustainable all round development of personality, Leaders in Training tries to impart skills such as general leadership responsibilities, strategic planning, project management, teamwork, time management, communication and public speaking, advocacy, etc.

The training is delivered by IPSF’s Certified Trainers, as well as members of the IPSF Executive Committee to ensure enough acquaintance to IPSF. The Leaders in Training program is held every year prior to the IPSF World Congress in addition to some of the IPSF Regional Symposia and also locally within some of our Member Organisations.

IPSF LITs in the European Region:

  • IPSF World Congress LIT, in 2008, Cluj-Napoca, Romania – first ever IPSF LIT;
  • IPSF World Congress LIT, in 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
  • IPSF World Congress LIT, in 2013, Utrecht, the Netherlands;
  • IPSF World Congress LIT, in 2014, Porto, Portugal.

Trainers Development Camp

Every two years, IPSF EuRO organizes a Trainers Development Camp (TDC) for the next generation of IPSF Trainers to be formed and prepared to deliver soft-skills trainings to all European students. by universities and prepare us better to be future pharmacists. As pharmaceutical students and recent graduates, we are dedicated to creating projects which help us develop our skills and knowledge, but also projects to raise awareness about current, important Public Health topics.

IPSF EuRO Trainers’ Development Camp:

  • 1st EuRO TDC, in 2014, Warsaw, Poland;
  • 2nd EuRO TDC, in 2016, Prague, Czech Republic;
  • 3rd EuRO TDC, in 2018, Warsaw, Poland.

Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaign

The aim of this project is to promote pharmacy to the general public, policy makers and other healthcare professionals. We strive to create awareness on the pharmacy profession and also on the impact of pharmacists on strengthening health systems. 

Patient Counselling Event

The goal of this event is to challenge members to perform as pharmacists are expected to everyday in more true to life circumstances thereby promoting and encouraging further professional development of pharmacy students and reinforcing the role of the pharmacist as a health care provider and educator.

Clinical Skills Event

CSE is usually organised with other healthcare professionals and it provides a unique opportunity for members to not only learn and develop pharmaceutical and medical skills, but also good communication between different healthcare professions.

Compounding Event

CE is our newest development, first organised in 2013. The 7th edition was organised during the IPSF World Congress in Kigali, Rwanda, in August 2019. It is now organised within associations as an IPSF project and we have received many great reports on a variety of subjects for this event. 

Industrial Skills Event

ISE aims to improve participants’ ability to understand how the pharmaceutical industry sector runs in terms of manufacturing, production, regulation, quality assurance, marketing, and sales. Participants’ are required to present and offer the solution to the given task.

Pharmacy Education

The Pharmacy Education Portfolio focuses on promoting and developing pharmacy education worldwide. 

The Pharmacy Education Newsletter (PEN) and Phuture magazine are IPSF publications in which students, recent graduates, academics and professionals contribute articles and educational and scientific topics. For further information, please check 

The Young Researches Forum is a platform created with the aim to give young pharmacist student the opportunity to create link with another students researchers all around the world. If you wish to share your knowledge with other pharmacy enthusiasts, please visit